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Anyone that follows me on Twitter knows that I’m easy to get along with, personable and generally an all-around nice kitty.

I have never and will never personally attack anyone for their opinion, no matter how much I might disagree. I follow both bulls and bears alike and frequently comment about both sides of the argument on various timeframes.

But let me be clear…

Anyone deemed “a professional” by virtue of the fact they appear on CNBC and make “market calls” is fair game as far as I’m concerned.

Keep in mind that I am very open-minded and you never see me Tweet “the market IS going to do this or that”.  The truth is, I really don’t know what the market will do.

But over the years, I’ve seen so many “experts” come on CNBC and state emphatically that “the market IS going to do this or that” and then argue their point.

The problem with making an outlandish market call is that rather than trade what the market gives, they are forced to defend their positions and many times end up looking a bit foolish – to those of us that remember what they said in the past.

So with that said, I bring you…

The CNBC Prophets of Doom


Harry Dent 1/8/2013
Harry Dent Calling For a ‘Market Crash’ In 2013

Harry Dent 5/3/2014
Harry Dent predicts most dangerous investing period


Abigail Doolittle 2/10/2012
Charting the Market: 50 Percent Correction Ahead?

Abigail Doolittle 8/27/2014
Technicals suggest correction on the way

David Tice 10/10/2012
Should You Brace for a Downturn?

David Tice 8/27/2014
Two experts warn correction could total 60%



Tom McClellan 8/21/2014
Could market see September selloff?



Marc Faber 3/7/2013
Marc Faber: Market Will End Badly This Year


Marc Faber 7/28/2014
Marc Faber: Market will peak, then go down 20%-30%


I’ll be adding more to this post in the near future. The material is almost endless.

To be continued…





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As a follow-on to my last post, it seems that at this point in time, the fate of all humanity rests on the timetable for the next Fed rate hike.

Both of these headlines were from August 20th – one from Yahoo! Finance and the other from Reuters website.



So remember, when the market moves up or down, it does so based on “investors perception over the timetable for the imminent Fed rate hike”.

Unless of course they decide today is a good day to attribute it to “tensions in Ukraine”. Heads de-escalation, Tails re-escalation.

Gotta have a couple convenient narratives to explain why the market moved.

After all, it always moves for a reason right?


“I’ll have a crisis – make it a double”