The Financial Media Has Gone Hyperbolic

(New York - Friday April 17th, 2015) U.S. stocks were crushed Friday as panicked investors liquidated shares over fears of a Greece default, weak earnings numbers and changes in Chinese securities regulations. "You could sense the fear on the … [Read more]

More IPO Madness

Back in early February I posted my comprehensive list of IPO's and I've updated the list to include the ones that have gone public since then. I have this list bookmarked and sorted by 3-month average volume, but until a stock trades for a while … [Read more]

Spotify Valued at More Than These S&P 500 Companies

Seems legit... (click image) Spotify Said to Seek Financing to Value Music Site at $8 Billion (Bloomberg)   … [Read more]

A Few Setups to Watch

Here are a few interesting charts I see right now. They may or may not trigger or work out and it's imperative that you use stops on every trade. A while back I used to post a lot of setups here but it's a lot of work and recently I've found it's … [Read more]

Gartman Does it Again

"I think eventually you might see stunningly low crude oil prices" Thursday 3/19/2015 Well that was last Thursday... Today, a mere three days later, it's a different story. Monday … [Read more]

The Cyber War Rages On – 24/7

The first time I saw this real-time "map" of cyber-attacks I was blown away. There's a world-war raging behind the scenes and it's amazing to watch. Check out the Live Map Here It's a little browser intensive … [Read more]

3 Charts That Look Good Ahead of Earnings

Earnings on these three stocks come out next week. I like the look of the charts - but holding over earnings is risky. Let's see how they react.   … [Read more]

FEYE Weekly – Ahead of Earnings

Update 2/20/15 FEYE reacted positively to earnings and the weekly chart has a "buy the pullback" look. Click the chart. I'm thinking a pullback to the 35-40 range at the convergence of the moving averages in the next few weeks is buyable … [Read more]

IPO Madness

I wanted to share my list of recent IPO's with anyone that might find it useful. Part of my process (as far as looking for good trading ideas) is following IPO's (and spinoffs) and keeping a watchlist of them. "New" stocks always have potential … [Read more]

GLD Monthly MACD Cross

I thought this was interesting - click the chart for full-size. Keep in mind that just because the MACD cross on the Monthly GLD chart worked well in the timeframe above doesn't guarantee it's going higher. But perhaps it 's a clue that … [Read more]