TWTR – Yes Twitter Looks Good

I like the pattern I see on the TWTR chart and think it has a good chance of going higher. I think a good area for a starter position is in the 37.50 to 38.50 range, with an add-on if it breaks out of the upside of the small triangle I have marked in … [Read more]

Financial Professionals Admit “We Have No Idea What We’re Doing”

You wouldn't know it by watching the endless parade of confident sell-side analysts on CNBC every day, but in a recent bar room get-together, leading financial experts admit "we have no idea what the hell the stock market will do". "I usually just … [Read more]

How Everything Performed in 2014

I grabbed this chart from FinViz at the end of the year and figured I'd post it here as a handy reference as we head into 2015. Click image for full-size. "long of coffee in crude oil terms" was the trade. I don't think I heard anyone … [Read more]

Inducted Into the iBankCoin Hall of Fame

As you probably know by now, each year the distinguished gentlemen at iBankCoin sponsor a "Stock of the Year" contest. Contestants are asked to pick 1 stock for the following year. In a "may the best man win" fashion, at the end of the year the … [Read more]

HACK Cyber Security ETF

I started following this new ETF right after the IPO on November 12th, 2014. I saw this interview on CNBC and it didn't take long to realize it was a pretty good idea. But as with any IPO, I wanted to just watch it for a while and see how it … [Read more]


Here's a couple setups that look pretty good going into tomorrow. Click the charts for full size.     … [Read more]

COUP – Setup to Watch

I like the look of this chart for a potential trade. There's a couple ways to play it but based on the volume pocket just over 16.65, if it can break over that level it has a lot of potential. (click chart for full-size) The robot that writes … [Read more]

KEYS Potential Setup

Update 12/13/14 The original setups didn't fill and at this point I'm not nearly as interested. I still see potential since the chart seems well-behaved, but the long-range red bar Friday took the pullback deeper than I wanted to see it go. The … [Read more]


Here are a few charts I have my eye on right now. These aren't necessarily imminent breakouts and might take some time to actually set up. The "artists rendering" of how I visualize the price movement may or may not play out similar to the arrows. As … [Read more]

A ZEN Moment

I have a close eye on ZEN for a break over 24.00 in the next couple days. If I zoom out further on the chart, it looks like it might actually set up better if it pulls back to the lower rising trendline, but that may not be in the cards. If … [Read more]