The Stock Market Correction Conspiracy Revealed

"The Hidden Prophecy Has Manifested" As I write this post my hands are trembling because I may have stumbled across the biggest conspiracy in the history of the stock market. As we all know last week the market plunged at the open Monday … [Read more]

Why Did The Stock Market Sell-Off? Here Is The Answer

A few minutes of research into what caused the recent market turmoil has revealed the real culprit - China. … [Read more]

Handy Talking Points for Financial Media Interviews

According to the Reuters headline, "Stocks post worst week in years on China fears". The Dow has entered correction territory and it's confirmed that the markets are officially "In Turmoil" as CNBC will be airing a Special Presentation Sunday … [Read more]

The ES Futures in Turmoil

I decided to mark up a chart of what I watched transpire over the last couple days as "Turmoil struck the Financial Markets" Click the image for full-size. I like the simple layout and like the fact the DMI oscillator colors the bars red or … [Read more]

Price Cycles and Waves

I ran across this graphic in my archive and thought now seemed like a good time to post it. I'm not a big follower of "wave theory" but I do think these patterns are valid. (click for full-size)   … [Read more]

The Dangers of Making Bold Market Calls

I'm not picking on anyone here but the bold statement he made and the subsequent price action just begs to be documented. The fact that he nailed the exact near-term high so well seems noteworthy. He could turn out to be right and the … [Read more]

Leading Oil Analyst Spots Catnipulation on the Chart

Our oil analyst was watching the /CL oil futures trade the other night when suddenly the price spiked down to 41.35 in one 5-minute bar before recovering. That took out the March low. She commented that the spike down reeked of "Catnipulation" - a … [Read more]

NASDAQ Composite Weekly Wedge

I don't always look at weekly line charts, but when I do... It's all good... as long as it's over the red line.   … [Read more]

Characteristics and Frequency of the Main Types of Trading Sessions

I watched an interesting presentation about the main types of trading sessions and their frequency. Here are the slides. I wouldn't necessarily say every single day fits one of those patterns but most days are … [Read more]

The October “Correction” Revisited

With the market acting a bit rough last week and the recent obvious "under the surface" deterioration, I wanted to revisit the cause of the last real market correction. I was curious what the news was at the time and what reasons were given for … [Read more]