Happy Halloween

Stock Market Cliches

Here is a handy list of talking points for anyone invited to appear on CNBC as a guest.

Generally speaking, most of these quotes can be prefaced with “at the end of the day”.


“We are cautiously optimistic”

“Valuations are attractive at these levels”

“We would be buyers on any pullback”

“We view the current weakness as a buying opportunity”

“We are long-term investors with a 5-year time horizon”

“We’re advising our clients to stay the course”


Now the key is stringing these quotes together in a semi-coherent sentence…


“At the end of the day we are cautiously optimistic. Valuations are attractive at these levels and we view any weakness as a buying opportunity. We are long-term investors with a 5-year time horizon”.


Here are some other notable quotes you might hear from time to time on the channel that is ‘First in Business’

“..but we’re off the lows of the day”

“Today was a win for the bulls”

“is it time to add (insert stock) to your portfolio?”

“Next up we’ll hear from Dennis Gartman from the world-renowned Gartman Letter”

“Can the DOW end the day in positive territory?”

“Is the volatility here to stay?”


And of course who could forget the most notable one of all time “Are you putting new money to work here in this market?”

We miss you Maria.