This Chart Explains Why the Market Has Felt So Rough the Past Couple Weeks

I'm certainly glad the first half of the year is over. It was very underwhelming for the S&P 500. Here are some stats: SPX closed last year at 2058.90. It closed June at 2063.11 up +0.2% for the first half of the year. The high of the … [Read more]

Stock Market Checklist – Gauging the Overall Environment

I was looking through some of the indicators I like to use to get a gauge of the overall trading environment and it occurred to me - why not make a checklist. I've seen a few checklists like this around here and there but decided to create my own … [Read more]

The Brand-New Must-Have Device That Spies On Everything You Do

I have to admit I want one of these. This might be the coolest device ever invented. Introducing The Amazon Echo It's like having your very own Government spy right there in your living room, listening to every word you say - tracking everything … [Read more]

IPO Madness – 250+ Recent IPO’s

Every couple months I like to post the current list of recent IPO's with recent additions. IPO's present good opportunities for a number of reasons but there are significant pitfalls. Certain IPO's are attractive to institutions as long term … [Read more]

StockCats Enterprises Announces Successful Kitten Placement

Here at StockCats Enterprises we strive to provide only the highest quality kittens and place them in top-notch positions. Our basic training program is second to none and all kittens leave as well-adjusted upstanding members of society - educated … [Read more]

A Few Charts That Look Good

So many good setups out there. Here are a few I think look constructive here. I could easily post a dozen more. Maybe I will... … [Read more]

When Will the Fed Raise Interest Rates?

Things I'm sick of: 1) Fed rate hike talk 2) Greece 3) Lists   Here's a CNN poll of "leading economists" that were asked when the Fed would hike rates. It's the most hotly debated issue of our lifetime.   … [Read more]

Think or Swim MarketWatch Screen

One of the most important things to me as a stock trader is being able to follow hundreds of stocks in real-time during the day so I can see which ones are making significant moves. I use the MarketWatch screen in ThinkorSwim and am surprised at … [Read more]

Bold Calls On the Price Of Oil

If there was one single asset that so many "experts" got wrong over the past year, it was the price of oil. Just about one year ago oil was breaking back over $100 and trading around $107 a barrel. From October of 2013 to February of 2014 oil was … [Read more]

The Stock Market is a Simply a Popularity Contest

Years ago when I first became interested in the stock market I was having a conversation with my Father about it and he said something that has stuck with me all these years. "Don't listen to anyone"   It wasn't that hard for me to … [Read more]