Gartman Does it Again

"I think eventually you might see stunningly low crude oil prices" Thursday 3/19/2015 Well that was last Thursday... Today, a mere three days later, it's a different story. Monday … [Read more]

The Cyber War Rages On – 24/7

The first time I saw this real-time "map" of cyber-attacks I was blown away. There's a world-war raging behind the scenes and it's amazing to watch. Check out the Live Map Here It's a little browser intensive … [Read more]

3 Charts That Look Good Ahead of Earnings

Earnings on these three stocks come out next week. I like the look of the charts - but holding over earnings is risky. Let's see how they react.   … [Read more]

FEYE Weekly – Ahead of Earnings

Update 2/20/15 FEYE reacted positively to earnings and the weekly chart has a "buy the pullback" look. Click the chart. I'm thinking a pullback to the 35-40 range at the convergence of the moving averages in the next few weeks is buyable … [Read more]

IPO Madness

I wanted to share my list of recent IPO's with anyone that might find it useful. Part of my process (as far as looking for good trading ideas) is following IPO's (and spinoffs) and keeping a watchlist of them. "New" stocks always have potential … [Read more]

GLD Monthly MACD Cross

I thought this was interesting - click the chart for full-size. Keep in mind that just because the MACD cross on the Monthly GLD chart worked well in the timeframe above doesn't guarantee it's going higher. But perhaps it 's a clue that … [Read more]

TWTR – Yes Twitter Looks Good

Update 2/3/15 after the close. Attention Humans: You are on your own now. TWTR releases earnings after the bell tomorrow and I can not tell you what to do with your shares here at 40.10. You must make your own decision - Sell it all here - sell … [Read more]

Financial Professionals Admit “We Have No Idea What We’re Doing”

You wouldn't know it by watching the endless parade of confident sell-side analysts on CNBC every day, but in a recent bar room get-together, leading financial experts admit "we have no idea what the hell the stock market will do". "I usually just … [Read more]

How Everything Performed in 2014

I grabbed this chart from FinViz at the end of the year and figured I'd post it here as a handy reference as we head into 2015. Click image for full-size. "long of coffee in crude oil terms" was the trade. I don't think I heard anyone … [Read more]

Inducted Into the iBankCoin Hall of Fame

As you probably know by now, each year the distinguished gentlemen at iBankCoin sponsor a "Stock of the Year" contest. Contestants are asked to pick 1 stock for the following year. In a "may the best man win" fashion, at the end of the year the … [Read more]