Weekend Chart Extravaganza

I haven't been posting as many charts and setups as I used to but I had some extra time today and thought I would share some stocks I'm watching. Click the charts for full-size. My new trainee … [Read more]

Is the Stock Market About to Crash?

It was a normal, peaceful Saturday morning when I awoke today. The sun was shining and the cats were purring. I made a pot of coffee and headed into the office to boot up my machines and start the day. As soon as I clicked on my inbox I received a … [Read more]

Stay Out of Trouble With This Simple Indicator

A friend of mine introduced me to this indicator a few years ago and I thought I would share it. It makes sense if you really think about it. It's really a gauge of the overall market environment but can help keep an investor out of trouble when … [Read more]

Predicting the Price of Oil

"no one knows 'nuthin" (click image)   … [Read more]

You Have Been Warned

Today the SPX plunged 21 points and is sitting exactly -1.9% below the all-time high in the history of the world. But brace yourself... Two famous market operators presented dire predictions today. I wanted to make sure everyone receives fair … [Read more]

The Financial Media Has Gone Hyperbolic

(New York - Friday April 17th, 2015) U.S. stocks were crushed Friday as panicked investors liquidated shares over fears of a Greece default, weak earnings numbers and changes in Chinese securities regulations. "You could sense the fear on the … [Read more]

More IPO Madness

Back in early February I posted my comprehensive list of IPO's and I've updated the list to include the ones that have gone public since then. I have this list bookmarked and sorted by 3-month average volume, but until a stock trades for a while … [Read more]

Spotify Valued at More Than These S&P 500 Companies

Seems legit... (click image) Spotify Said to Seek Financing to Value Music Site at $8 Billion (Bloomberg)   … [Read more]

A Few Setups to Watch

Here are a few interesting charts I see right now. They may or may not trigger or work out and it's imperative that you use stops on every trade. A while back I used to post a lot of setups here but it's a lot of work and recently I've found it's … [Read more]

Gartman Does it Again

"I think eventually you might see stunningly low crude oil prices" Thursday 3/19/2015 http://video.cnbc.com/gallery/?video=3000362935 Well that was last Thursday... Today, a mere three days later, it's a different story. Monday … [Read more]