Here's a couple setups that look pretty good going into tomorrow. Click the charts for full size.     … [Read more]

COUP – Setup to Watch

I like the look of this chart for a potential trade. There's a couple ways to play it but based on the volume pocket just over 16.65, if it can break over that level it has a lot of potential. (click chart for full-size) The robot that writes … [Read more]

KEYS Potential Setup

Update 12/13/14 The original setups didn't fill and at this point I'm not nearly as interested. I still see potential since the chart seems well-behaved, but the long-range red bar Friday took the pullback deeper than I wanted to see it go. The … [Read more]


Here are a few charts I have my eye on right now. These aren't necessarily imminent breakouts and might take some time to actually set up. The "artists rendering" of how I visualize the price movement may or may not play out similar to the arrows. As … [Read more]

A ZEN Moment

I have a close eye on ZEN for a break over 24.00 in the next couple days. If I zoom out further on the chart, it looks like it might actually set up better if it pulls back to the lower rising trendline, but that may not be in the cards. If … [Read more]

Black Friday in the Energy Stocks

The carnage in energy stocks was stunning today. Just take a look at these percentage moves. Not all are energy-related but the majority are. This list of today's losers is sorted by "percent change from the open price". The C% column is the … [Read more]


Here are a few setups that look constructive. I added INFI to the previous post and Tweeted it out, but I wanted to put it here to see if it gets follow-through. … [Read more]

ACHN and PTX Trade Setups

A couple signals that look good. Click charts for full-size. Keep in mind that if the Entry isn't hit tomorrow the values can change.   Follow-up 11/25/14 ACHN didn't fill and the Entry / Stop have changed. Here's the new … [Read more]

SPX vs. The World

We are all familiar with the Great V-move of 2014, in SPX terms of course. It's interesting to see that the rest of the world's stocks didn't get the Great V-Move in the same timeframe. When I look at the chart above I can't help but think … [Read more]

Historical Volatility Ratio Extremes

A friend of mine sent me the following chart with a custom indicator he uses. The 6-day Historical Volatility divided by the 50-day historical Volatility. What's most interesting about the indicator now, is that it's just gone from a 2-year … [Read more]